Bootcamper Nick Wins Microsoft IE8 Life Academy Competition!

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 Life Academy is a competition to celebrate the Internet’s wealth of possibilities and let entrepreneurs aged between 18 and 25 explore their potential and win £10,000 to make their idea happen. And that’s exactly what one of our Entrepreneurs Bootcamp graduates has just done!

Nick Palfrey, MD of Plymouth-based MooFu Ltd, has developed the Learning Environment Virtual Reality On-Line Simulator (or LEVROS for short!).  From the education-based work that MooFu undertakes, Nick knew that whilst the Government has set out a campaign to build Schools For The Future, they were not being successful in properly engaging students in the design process. So he developed an idea for schools and colleges to use simulator/video games to develop learning spaces. Using games methodology and software will enable 3D models of proposed schools to be explored by students, teachers and parents with amendments made and sent back to the architects. What’s more the software runs on Internet Explorer 8!

Using his contacts gained through the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp, Nick has made friends with some of the world’s leading experts and has begun prototyping the idea. And impressing the IE8 Life Academy judges with both his initial pitch and his calmness under the glare of the judging spotlight won him the Creativity Explorer prize, which will enable him to promote the idea further and secure further development funds.

Well Done Nick – the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp is really proud of you!