Bootcamper Justin Wins Another Award!

2007 Entrepreneurs Bootcamp graduate Justin Heasman, MD of SketchWork Productions has won another award! Justin did the visual effects on independent film ‘Burn‘ which won an Honorable Narrative Award in the Los Angeles Movie Awards, which is an on-line virtual festival to celebrate independent film makers and writers from around the world.

Justin announced on his website “After all the hard work on the visual effects for “Burn” – it finally paid off when the film won the Honorable Narrative Award at the Los Angeles Movies Award earlier in the week. The film has been entered into a few more festivals throughout the US, so hopefully we’ll win some more awards in the coming months. Burn has been released as 4 webisodes and is a suspense driven film following friends and lovers through a physical and emotionally collapsing world.”

Burn Poster - by SketchWork ProductionsIn his interview for, Justin explained how he worked on the project entirely by himself and said it took around six to eight weeks to finish all the effects for the film. “The hardest shot was one towards the end which saw a van drive out into the desert under a scorched and stormy sky with about 100 meteors hurtling towards the earth. It was a lovely summer’s day when they filmed it in Nevada so the sky needed replacing with swirling winds, dust storms and thunder flashes. And then I had to create all the meteors in 3D and incorporate them into the scene. It can be very difficult to make it look real as you’ve got to think about things like the shadows that they cast. It was a very complex shot. It was only about 15 seconds worth of footage, but it took a good week to get that one shot.”

Since graduating from the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp, Justin has produced a number of corporate films for clients such as Cornwall College and Nissan,  as well as keeping busy with the effects work on a range of independent films. We are glad to hear Justin isn’t resting on his laurels though – he is about to start producing and presenting a fortnightly website series that will show all you need to know about special effects techniques.

To see the latest news on what SketchWork Productions has been up to, visit their website.

18/06/2008 EB News Archive


18 June 2008: 2007 Entrepreneurs Bootcamp graduate Justin Heasman, who is MD of Cornish-based SketchWork Productions Ltd has got his first entry on IMDb (the Internet Movie Database) – the Hollywood listing of the key people in the film industry.

Justin achieved his first entry onto the IMDb website with his credits as the Visual Effects Designer on the British independent film “Call Me a Psycho”. But whilst this just sounds like film people having fun, the IMDb is a serious business – it takes several forms of checking and evaluating to get an entry published.

Justin said “It is a great step forward for the company to have an entry on IMDB as this means we are now visible to the key people in the film industry.

Cornwall today…. Hollywood Tomorrow!”.

You can see Justin’s IMDb entry at IMDb.