About EB & Upstarts Club

Welcome to our new home for all the news and features about the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp™ product family, including updates on Bootcamp in a Box® and the Upstarts Club™. You may notice a few changes over the years, the most recent one being the hosting of the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp™ product family by Dangerous Marketing Ltd.

You can follow each Bootcamp as they happen; find out about the Bootcampers or look back at the history of the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp™ in the archives. The Upstarts Club™ sections will feature articles and ideas from a variety of sources aimed to help novice entrepreneurs, including dates of up and coming meetings.  In addition, if you are thinking of starting up a new business, you can hook into the more interactive  ideas, hints and tips of entrepreneurship by joining the virtual Upstarts Club™ groups on FaceBook and LinkedIn.

On these pages you will find the ‘library’ of all the articles and news items that feature the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp™.  All copyright and intellectual property remains with the original author or magazine/journal.  All ideas and intellectual property for the content of the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp™ programme  itself remains the property of Dangerous Marketing Ltd. We have endeavoured to credit all authors but if you feel you have not been given sufficient promotion of your authorship for any of these articles, please use the Contact Us! page to let us know and we will update the article as required.

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